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Architecture, Visualization, Art Direction

Kareem Mitchell is a Toronto Artist and Architectural/Urban Designer who combines various visual techniques through creative exploration.

With a passion for innovation, Kareem has studied animation, videography, architecture, fashion, illustration, and creative/art direction.

Kareem's visual approach has gained him visibility among industry experts, leading to collaborations with diverse clients in architecture, fashion, technology, education and production.

Kareem Mitchell received his Master of Architecture at Carleton University in 2020, here he also completed his Bachelor of Architectural Studies. His interest is in the sustainable growth of cities, the phenomenon of global urbanization, and the intersection of architecture and interactive media have led him to pursue academic projects in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Kareem has conducted research on the use of game engines for the narrative dissemination of heritage architecture and landscapes with the Azrieli School’s CIMS Lab and the Virtual Historic Dublin Project in Ireland. His recent work with the Development Workshop in Luanda, Angola explores strategies and prototypes for affordable housing in the city’s rapidly urbanizing periphery.

As an artist, Kareem’s work aims to express emotion through the magnification of color and figure, and he currently has artwork displayed at the OAG (Ottawa Art Gallery) . He has also successfully showcased a line of clothing based on his artwork for Fashion Art Toronto, CHEO Runway for Hope and RunwayTO.

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